Email Encryption

Encrypted Email and Secure Large File Transfer

Payplus has recently implemented a new secure email and large file transfer service called Egress Switch. Egress Switch has been implemented because Payplus takes communication of sensitive data with 3rd parties very seriously.

This simple service is free to use for recipients of Payplus data to access and communicate back to us. This page is designed to help you understand using Egress Switch for the first time and also for subsequent communication with Payplus.

Accessing a Secure Email or file for the first time

If you have been sent an encrypted email or file from us, to read it you will first have to sign up for a Switch ID. This simple one time process is free and takes seconds. You can then read and reply to any encrypted message we send you, securing your information exchange with us.

Below is a quick start guide for first time recipients of Switch encrypted messages.

Click Here to Open

Need to Send us something Securely?

If you have previously received a Switch secured mail and have created your Switch ID, you can send information to Payplus securely by clicking and signing in with your Switch ID. If you are a regular user of Switch you can also download one of the free Switch desktop or mobile applications

You can find additional information and short video tutorials on


Technical Support

Should you encounter any problems with creating your free account, or have any other technical questions about the service, please contact Egress Software Technologies directly