Farm BackOffice

The Farm BackOffice team will take care of your routine activities from bookkeeping and VAT returns to cash flow forecasts and management accounts giving you the time and freedom to manage your farm and develop your business.


Using the latest accounting software packages from the leading providers, our team provides a complete bookkeeping service that can be used to supplement your current in house system and can be carried out remotely or at your premises.

We offer you peace of mind that your books and records are in order, taking away the hassle of paperwork and giving you the time and freedom to manage your farm and business.

Payroll and auto-enrolment

We appreciate that running your payroll can be stressful, particularly during peak periods such as harvest when you are at your busiest and have extra pressures such as casual seasonal workers to contend with. Our friendly, qualified staff provide a full range of payroll solutions tailored to suit your business at realistic and cost effective prices. We can also provide you with a solution to auto-enrolment. The laws on workplace pensions have changed. Auto-enrolment requires all UK employers to find a suitable workplace pension scheme and enrol eligible staff. Rural and agricultural businesses are no exception.

Whether you have already staged or are about to we can take care of this for you allowing you to focus on what you do best rather than risk fines and penalties from non-compliance with the new laws.


Our aim is to have draft accounts with you within 30 days of receiving your books and records ensuring an efficient and effective service. We know how important this is for rural and agricultural businesses. In a continually changing industry, that also faces the pressures of the unpredictable British weather, having your accounts finalised efficiently allows time to take stock of the last year and plan for the future.

We appreciate the need to budget, particularly within an industry prone to volatility and offer fixed quotes to help you do so.

Why outsource your back office to us?

Our Farm BackOffice team provide a comprehensive range of agricultural bookkeeping, accounting and taxation services that will give you the time and freedom to grow your business with confidence.

We have a genuine knowledge and interest in the sector and maintain links with agricultural professionals such as NFU groups, the British Institute of Agriculture Consultants and the Country Landowners’ Associations. By keeping up to date with latest business developments, we can help you respond to market changes and take advantage of developments that arise in your industry.

We understand the practicalities of farming. When you come to us as a new client we take the time to understand your business and plans for the future. This understanding allows our dedicated team to provide a complete service tailored to the individual needs of you and your business.

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