VBS Wins Award For Xero Website

Robin Mead and Paul Marsden from Virtual Business Source (VBS) attended the UK’s first Xerocon conference that took place at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in London, on September 27.  Over 250 people attended the all day conference to hear about the success and rapid growth of Xero software in the UK, and how ‘cloud computing’, which as recently as 12 months ago, was seen as something which was possibly not quite understood, all of a sudden, people get it and are seeing the benefits of having software in the cloud. VBS has its own website www.orange-balloon.co.uk which is completely dedicated to Xero software and we are very proud to say we were presented with the winning inaugural ‘U.K. Xero Partner Website Award 2012’ at the conference. The cloud brings a whole new set of opportunities for the accounting industry to actually work in ‘real time’ with their clients and gives them the opportunity to be far more proactive.  It also allows the cost of sophisticated software to be brought to a level where everyone can benefit.

This is particularly relevant to small and medium sized businesses who may have been put off by the cost of implementing new software packages. Xero has taken a fresh view of how it approaches the market and realises its strength is in providing an easy to use financial software solution. It relies on ‘partners’ to provide add on software which fully integrates with Xero. So, for example, you can add on complex CRM and stock control packages at minimal additional cost. VBS has been at the forefront of using Xero as a software platform, and over the past few months we have introduced new and existing clients to the benefits of using  Xero ‘cloud software’.  We have been delighted by the response from new users who all seem to agree that, as claimed, Xero really is ‘beautiful accounting software’. So what benefits can Xero bring to our clients? Basically they can be summed up as follows:-

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Cost effective – a simple monthly charge and no contract
  • Can be accessed via any internet connection including iPad and smart phone
  • Direct bank feeds from your bank let you know exactly where you are with your finances
  • Continuous development with no additional costs for upgrades or number of users
  • Data is safe and there is no limitation to data storage
  • Integrated add on software available at minimal cost

We firmly believe ‘the cloud’ is the future and the technology will rapidly expand over the next few years. Within VBS and UHY-WKH Partnership we already have the expertise to help you with making a decision on the way forward.  Xero is growing rapidly in the UK and we are more than happy to show existing clients how they can improve their business by using this software. For further information please contact Robin Mead on 01462 687339 or email rmead@virtualsource.co.uk.